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Project HYIP PROJECT created to make a revolution in the market offers HYIP-projects. This is an interactive platform on the Ethereum blockchain, on which unique, what have not yet been based, HYIP-projects, diverse in their execution and content, are based, with their turnaround utility token, where the user, and only he, manages his funds and accounts from his personal account, access by outsiders is minimized. What offers HYIP PROJECT to users: - transparency and openness of the entire platform. - not mislead users, but rather openly and fully describe the work of each project and the risks associated with investing in it. - completely new, unique, interactive HYIP-projects. - a wide variety of tariff plans, including those where the user can withdraw his deposit at any time (this is not practiced in current projects). - multilingual chat rooms and maximum user interaction between themselves and the platform. - the broadest, constant advertising support for projects, not to mention the fact that the launch of the platform itself will provoke a stir. - the development team is always motivated to support and improve the operation of the platform, as each is its shareholder. In other words, on the basis of the platform will be implemented a social network that brings together enthusiastic people. The advantages of our investors. Our offer on the ICO market compares favorably with others: 1. The implementation of the project does not require the development and research of something new - we use existing technologies. 2. In the niche of Hyip-projects at the moment there are no offers of this level - we have practically no competitors in this super profitable niche. 3. Only in our ICO, automatic protection of investor funds (Escrow) is implemented, in which the investor can withdraw up to 100% of his investments at any time. By investing in the HYIP token, thanks to modern technologies, you get a financial instrument with traditionally high yield for venture capital investments, but with a lower level of risk, which makes it so attractive. Already at the end of the ICO, upon the first payment of dividends, most of the invested funds will return to you. At the same time, you will have the right to receive further dividends, as well as the tokens themselves, the cost of which will increase many times by the time ICO is completed. In fact, your investments are guaranteed to provide you with income for the entire duration of the platform operation. The platform itself and its tools are easily scalable, and over time, along with its expansion, its turnover will grow exponentially, which will proportionally affect the growth of dividend payments and the cost of the HYIP token itself.

ICO Details
Status Token Platform Public Portfolio
Upcoming Ethereum https://etherscan.io/address/0xdf1f0c982e6574c4b89ec49e2636abd9a25a3126#code
Token Reserve Split Token percentage for investors Total tokens supply
20% 80% 4500000
Start Date End Date Token supply post sale
20 Sep 2018 20 Sep 2019 No/unsold will be burned
Start price Funding target Funding cap
0.0008 Ether Softcap 250 Eth for Pre-Sale N/A
Average price Funds raised list Funds raised USD
Payment method Features Security Audit
Eth N/A N/A
Legal Form Jurisdiction Legal Advisers
None None N/A
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